S&OP - An effective means to achieve balance between demand and supply
The value of S&OP to the company - Strategic management
Dynamic multi-departmental synergy to form a unified view
Strategy simulation - Multi-version plan comparison for optimal decision
Cost-benefit quantifiable, KPI-driven
Consistency plan for companies based on performance evaluation results, and profitability
Calculate KPI indicators
Comprehensive performance indicator evaluation of each version of the demand plan and its corresponding supply plan, presenting the strengths and weaknesses of each version of the plan
Forming a profitability plan
Obtaining the demand revenue plan from the demand plan and the supply cost plan from the supply plan to form a profitability plan for the company
Deciding on a consistency plan
Based on operational performance KPI indicators and profit plan, decide which version of demand and supply plan to execute, and form a consistent plan for the company
Sample of KPI indicators
Sample of key financial indicators


Earnings per share (diluted)


Gross profit


Profit margin


Net working capital ratio


Gross profit margin


Return on assets

S&OP - Assist the professional ability improvement of each department
S&OP Meeting Mechanism
S&OP Planning Process
Product architecture
Horizontal multi-regional/multi-channel collaboration, vertical end-to-end connectivity

Demand Planning

  • Multi-channel Demand Planning Filling
  • Data analysis and demand insight
  • Machine learning to generate demand forecasts
  • Demand plan version management
  • Demand plan sales revenue summary by version

Supply planning

  • Integration of master production planning scheme to form a group multi-plant supply capacity plan with limited production and limited material capacity for different demand plan versions
  • Fine-grained management of inventory strategy by SKU, simulating the impact of inventory level on the whole supply chain
  • Enhancement of service cost refinement and visualization, full-link cost assessment for various products, various customers and various raw materials

Supply chain control tower

  • What-if analysis based on different Demand Planning versions and Supply Planning versions
  • Root cause analysis based on KPI indicators
  • Global profitability scenarios based on sales revenue scenarios and operating cost scenarios
  • Formation of a unique plan with synergy between Demand Planning and Supply Planning
  • Comparison of actual performance with the plan, timely judgment and early warning, and revision of the plan
Supply chain control tower
Building the world's advanced intelligent supply chain network to become the company's growth acceleration engine with low cost and fast delivery
The ultimate goal of S&OP: to create a consistency plan

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