Challenges faced by Supply Chain
Sales Orders
Market demand fluctuates a lot and there are many urgent orders. Frequent demand fluctuations challenge supply chain sensitivity, and the status quo of the supply chain system makes it difficult to assess the impact of demand changes in a timely manner.
Production Scheduling
Multi-factory and workshop supply chains have high complexity. The supply chain can be inefficient if production capacity is not fully utilized. There are many orders inserting, and scheduling is reliant on manual work, making it difficult to draw up optimal plans quickly.
Procurement Supply
Procurement costs are getting higher and higher, and the stable supply of raw materials on time and in quantity is severely challenged. Key materials are out of stock from time to time, affecting on-time delivery.
Inventory Problems
The balance between reducing inventory costs and establishing safety stock to cope with demand fluctuations has become more difficult.
Smart supply chain planning is the key to solving problems
Intelligent supply chain planning - Connecting nodes via supply chain
Significant Benefits For Enterprises
Minute to minute
plans of reductions
10% reduction
Total freight cost
20% increase
On-time delivery
25% increase
Inventory turnover
35% increase
Inventory utilization
3% increase
Overall supply chain efficiency
UHAlean Solution
Combined Application of Different Levels of Planning
Industry Cases
A well-known producer and innovator of lithium-ion battery industry, with a mission to provide high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells...
China’s high-tech enterprise with the largest scale and highest market share of passenger car steering system, integrating development and manufacturing...
Haier Air Conditioner
China's leading home appliance company, founded in 1984, a leading global provider of good living solutions...

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